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I was prepping for bed and tomorrow’s day of work and school, I thought about the things I’ve conquered recently in life and being able to be vulnerable was one of them.  At first I fought, kicked and screamed, Pulled by tooth , nail and the hair on my chinny chin chin, (that doesn’t truly exist).  The thought of being able to be vulnerable was so degrading to me. For the sake of my soul I couldn’t figure out why a person would be interested or would be okay with subduing themselves to hurt and pain. Now I argued with my counselor at the time, that I’m not okay with being hurt. I was fed up with people, my loved ones, the people I held close to me; hurting me. I always felt if you loved me like you say you do then DAMMIT why in the world would you HURT the person you say you LOVE so dearly!? I couldn’t understand it, I felt like people knew that I wouldn’t do those things to them, so why do them to me!? What I didn’t understand was that people love differently and sometimes, SOMETIMES it isn’t necessarily the way we WANT to be loved. It isn’t the way we DESERVE to be loved, and more so it isn’t the way WE LOVE, so how could one UNDERSTAND?

Define vulnerable- susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.

some synonyms of vulnerable are: helpless, defenseless, powerless, impotent, WEAK, susceptible

Women, sisters, Queens and my Men, brothers, and Kings…. May I have you know we are ALWAYS vulnerable even when we don’t want to be or when we don’t think we are. The one thing that stood out to me the most of the definition is attack and harm. The other thing that stood out to me the most from the synonyms was WEAK. All I’ve ever known in life is to be strong, HOW DARE YOU tell me it’s perfectly okay to be weak? Why is it perfectly okay to be weak!? I understood none of this until I realized that I understood LOVE. The proper way of knowing your level of vulnerability is by trusting yourself to have an emotion, trusting yourself to know that not everyone is out to hurt you., but knowing that everyone will hurt you. Allowing the ones who have hurt you the chance to mend those wounds. The chance to evolve and become the being you naturally are… HUMAN

With love, there also comes some hurt and pain. Now physical pain should not be experienced, that isn’t love in any form or fashion.  You see, yes, we are vulnerable at all times and we’re vulnerable because we want to love and be loved. We want to nurture and be nurtured, we want to be able to show how calm and graceful we truly are and receive that in return as. We want to, WE NEED to be able to turn to each other, OUR KING/QUEEN and cry without being shunned. We need to be able to be weak so we are more than capable of being strong. We open our spirits and our soul, because it’s our mate we have prepared ourselves for. It’s each other that we stand tall and proud of, it’s each other that we live our lives for… We lower our guard and surrender our hearts so we are able to love one another, even when we may not know how because one may not have been shown.

It’s each other that we cater to, it’s each other who we are willing to sacrifice and compromise for. It’s each other who we yearn to be cherished by in return. So please Kings and Queens, hold, protect, love and let your partner know everything will be as grand as the sun shining on the morning dew at the break of day. Assure them you are there no matter what troubles come your way.  Don’t use one another’s vulnerability to your advantage, you will think you’ve got what you were looking for but in reality it only tampers the inside of both of us more than we were before.  I’m not telling you to fight and battle on your own, I’m telling you that in order for us to be as powerful and strong as we are, to be what each other needs and deserves. You must allow one another  the opportunities to be the power they naturally are, the power they preserve. Let us balance and strengthen each other, LET US…turn to each other for it is each other we dwell inside of. I am yours and you are mine, when one of us is weak as is the other. Though we may stand tall in the place of one another we still hurt together. I know you have things you are facing just like I do, all I ask is that you cherish and uphold your partner. It is you they will find their power in, it is you they will find their healing in, IT IS YOU THEY WILL FIND LOVE, LIFE, AND HAPPINESS IN…

We are each others VULNERABILITY

Do not lose yourself while loving and supporting one another; it is you, you are the very destination they  will find themselves in….





Mother and Self Created Queen seeking to change the lives of people in the world. I want people to know that #SelfLove is thee most important love in the world. I have experienced many things in life and know first hand how it is and feels to be alone in a world surrounded by many people. I started the social Media Label #FindingMe to promote and encourage self love, growth, and encouragement through life struggles. I am currently writing a book and studying life coaching, counseling, and psychotherapy. I advocate for movements in life, our universe deserves to know that there are more people who appreciate the greatness in life than there are who do not appreciate it.

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