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Stairway to Success

Everyday I park on the 6th floor (the top) of the parking garage and I walk down 10 flights of stairs to work and for lunch I walk back up those same 10 flights. When lunch is over I walk back down and when my day is complete, I walk right back up those dreadful stairs. Is there an elevator? YES, do I ever take the elevator? NO. When I first started doing this I said to myself that as time goes on it will get better and the climbing would become easier. Man, was I wrong! The other day I truly dreaded going up the stairs and I contemplated taking the elevator. I felt like if I took the elevator I would be letting myself down, I mean there has been some benefit to taking the stairs. I have nicer legs and my derriere is becoming even more enticing, so I like to think LOL. Well as I began my 1-3 minute journey to the top I stopped to take a moment to post on facebook….”No matter how many times I go up and down these stairs they never get any easier.” I tucked my phone away in my pouch and worked my way up those stairs. I made it up a couple of flights and I started thinking about SUCCESS, I started thinking about more blog topics, and “VOILA!”, this topic came to mind.

There have been so many times I have wanted to give up on my #FindingMe movement. Days I feel like there is no success in advocating #SelfLove, people don’t care about themselves….I immediately shut up and stopped discouraging myself because I hit the nail on the head…. EVERYONE needs self-love and self happiness. Self love is a great thing and no matter what the cost may be it needs to be encouraged more and more. We are adults and we do not have the slightest ideal what we like or want from life. We do not have the faintest idea of what to give to life. We produce children who will only repeat the cycle, or may be even break the cycle by suicide or encouraged homicide. What happen to us as humans? What happen to us loving not only others but primarily ourselves? Have we become so consumed with greed and negativity that we have lost the importance of life along the way? It seems as though all we want is power for self… Have we become so consumed with the ways of life that society has imposed on us that we have lost SELF LOVE & HAPPINESS in its entirety?

We have become so focused on being the best and being number one that we have actually become LAST….


This road seems so easy some days and then there are moments I just want to scream and shout. However I am here and even on my “give-up” days I will still be here. Success is the hardest thing next to self-love and happiness to ever achieve. But if you keep at it you will get to a level you have never been before. Once you get there, you will eventually be ready to climb the stairs again because there is always more to obtain in life. There Is No Limit…. Each level gets harder and harder, you will feel weakness as you fight to get through to the next level. It’s okay to stop MOMENTARILY to catch your breath, to give yourself a quick pep talk, to remind yourself why you started in the first place. Whatever you do when you stop, don’t focus on the struggle to get there, focus on the power you have and the excitement of actually making it.  Once you get there admire yourself for having come so far, admire yourself for the muscle and strength you built on the way up.

You will appreciate those nice legs and enticing derriere you’ve gained fighting your way through.




Mother and Self Created Queen seeking to change the lives of people in the world. I want people to know that #SelfLove is thee most important love in the world. I have experienced many things in life and know first hand how it is and feels to be alone in a world surrounded by many people. I started the social Media Label #FindingMe to promote and encourage self love, growth, and encouragement through life struggles. I am currently writing a book and studying life coaching, counseling, and psychotherapy. I advocate for movements in life, our universe deserves to know that there are more people who appreciate the greatness in life than there are who do not appreciate it.

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