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Mindful LOVE

There is a such thing called and known as bad love. For those of you who believe that love hurts, you’re right BAD LOVE hurts! True love, unconditional love, DOES NOT hurt. It is embracing and warm, sweet and welcoming, it’s adorning and unconditional, It’s REAL, and you will know the difference between the two.

BAD Love, that’s the person who says they love you ( they do in the way they know how to love) and they have repeat offenses. The love that has you lying awake at night, crying day in and day out. The kind that does not work with you, that does not communicate with you, that does not meet you half way. The kind of love that makes you wonder, ” If it’s you that may not know how to love or if you’re loving that person the right way.”

I said it before and I will say it again, we all have experienced this type of love from someone, whether they were family, friend, or lover, it has happened. I’m sharing this because in the beginning of all relationships we are blind to the reality of things, and even more unaware of the red flags that are swaying and flying high in the sky. Unfortunately we are on cloud nine so to speak so we do not see the WARNING SIGNS. Normally it isn’t until something drastic happens that we notice the bad things, the warning signs, the red flags, and the BAD LOVE. I honestly can not tell any one how to avoid the feelings of being consumed with a new type of love because we are experiencing a new person. What I will say is:

  1. Your personal energy and your body will give you signals before you get caught up in the rapture of what you temporarily consider love.
  2. The vibes will be off and you will automatically begin to question the person, your surroundings, their motives, and even yourself.
  3. Ladies, your hands sweat and you get butterflies and knots in your stomach for a reason, PAY ATTENTION TO THESE THINGS ABOUT YOURSELF, not all of them mean GOOD things.
  4. Men, the most I can say for you is, YOU know when you want to penetrate a woman and if your right hand man(penis) is not agree then keep it moving.
  5. Listen to yourself and be aware of your body this is the first line of defense and offense, this is your protection barrier.

Some people, I can admit may be experiencing some personal things when you first meet them, so it’s okay to warrant the next meeting maybe things will be better. Do not forget your first reactions they were there for a reason. It is perfectly okay to ask questions, maybe you will get answers that you need. What ever you do decide to do, know that bad love is being a hostage to your heart and the other persons life. Good love is the freedom of enjoying everything that love has to offer and is able to receive. Bad love can get the best of you because we think it will get better, we see the potential in a person that they do not see in themselves. We fight so hard to make things and the person better when we should be working together to make the relationship better. We think about all the things we have given up on, all the things that changed us along the way, we think about what life would be like if we were without that person. These are things that give us the WRONG REASONS to stay….

Give yourself the BEST REASON to leave a bad relationship; Unconditional true love for you, for yourself….let your love adorn you the way real, true, and unconditional love is supposed to adorn us all.

Understand that their type and way of love is not for you and this will make the process of letting go and/or walking away will be so much more easier.. rests assure….

“Love should not get the best of you but it should definitely bring out the best in you”



Mother and Self Created Queen seeking to change the lives of people in the world. I want people to know that #SelfLove is thee most important love in the world. I have experienced many things in life and know first hand how it is and feels to be alone in a world surrounded by many people. I started the social Media Label #FindingMe to promote and encourage self love, growth, and encouragement through life struggles. I am currently writing a book and studying life coaching, counseling, and psychotherapy. I advocate for movements in life, our universe deserves to know that there are more people who appreciate the greatness in life than there are who do not appreciate it.

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