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Moments of Happiness From the Past

A series of Facebook posts over a number of days about a year ago. I was just beginning to put #FindingMe together, or I had already put it together. Either way it was around that time and I remembered how happy I was and how much happier I was determined to be and share with the world. Is there a such thing as being and or wanting to much happiness? Maybe it is in some cases and maybe it isn’t in other cases. To me an over abundant amount of happiness can make you feel as though the negative won’t happen or pretend as though it doesn’t happy.

Anyhow, I decided to copy these from my timeline as they popped up in my memories, I felt as though they can remind me of the place I was at up to the place I’m temporarily at now. It gives me the confidence and peace of mind I want to grow more into as the days go by.

“I can see more and more details of my dreams and how things will play out. I can make it through the storms no matter how difficult a storm has the potential to become.”

I shared these pieces then as I stated before because I wanted to share them with the world. Today I share them not only to share them with the world but to also take those like me by the hand and ask, “Are you coming?” If they say, “YES” and mean they are willing to work and grow to get there like I am, then I say, “COME ON, Lets go and let’s successfully grow together in SELF-LOVE, SELF-HAPPINESS, HEALTH, and WEALTH. To give those that I once stood there like a boost to get it moving, keep going and growing.Β 

Many people in this world feel as though they can do it all alone, I use to be one of those people. I worked hard night and day, day and night, scratching, striving, hustling and surviving. I was dead dog ass tired but I was successful in any and everything I put my mind and effort to. BUTΒ I didn’t have that support that we all need and truly want. I didn’t have the person I loved the most to stand by my side and celebrate with me. I didn’t have the Joy, love or happiness that was supposed to be there through it all and at the end of breaking the ribbon at every finish line. This time around I can and will say, that it feels good to have those things, those people that I did lack before, it feels good to do things and accomplish them not just because you KNOW you can because you want to and you love doing it. Plant your feet firmly wherever it is that you are at the very moment you read this and pay attention to everything going on around you. The places, the people, the events, the weather, the fashion, I do mean everything. The way you feel, smell, touch, taste, see, hear, and think… Remember where you stood 1 year ago and maybe even include 5-10 years from now.

**Did you grow, did you change?**

*Are you still experiencing some of the same or similar situations?*

*Has anything in your life changed for the better?*

*Did you learn from the past and enjoy the present?*

*Are you ready for your own future?*

**Where you are now, is this where you want to be in the future, or do you want more?**

I want you to find yourself somewhere within the words on this page, admit what part of you don’t like and embrace it as though you would embrace it if it were the best parts of you that you so willingly share without hesitation. Because even the bad side of you needs love too, that’s why it craves the attention. Now don’t feed it the negativity that it so strongly craves, metaphorically speaking, spiritually advising: for every piece of choclate you want, eat a cashew or peanut…Let the real you unfold, accept embrace and heal before you point at someone else and expect them to love you better than you have loved yourself… Grow with WATER, LOVE, DARKNESS, and SUNLIGHT because sunlight , love, darkness, and water create a happy growing life out of all the storms.Β 


Remind yourself that people’s energies and emotions are contagious! Esp loved ones, you can always offer your help and support but don’t lose yourself in their emotions and energy. Sometimes you just have to leave them be and help from a distance or let them work it out on their own. I know it’s hard when it comes to your children and husband/wife but hey!, guess that’s what doors and couches and quiet walks and music is for. Find something else to do with others or yourself BEFORE you lose you in showing empathy for others. Otherwise ladies we will be slamming things around, lol stumping and making angry food (which he knows the difference of taste), and yelling at everybody. Men y’all will be leaving the house or indulging yourself with cheerful phone conversations (when you could be smiling with your Queen/family) or playing video games. The children will be confused, depressed, upset, and so much wondering WTH is going on.

Don’t go to sleep with negativity… It will follow you in your dreams and wake up with you in the morning.

Happiness…. Helping others does not mean losing yourself along the way… πŸ’πŸ˜˜

Loving yourself is so much more than admiring your appearance and being proud of who you are. Include getting to know who you’ve become due to past life experiences, be it good or bad. Know your body, mind, and soul and you’ll learn that granted you are who you are doesn’t mean that’s the person you should remain to be. To often we say if it wasn’t for my past I wouldn’t the person I am today. And that is most definitely true, but the person you are today, is that the person you truly were created to be? Or is it just the person you survived to become? Get to know the inside of you accept the struggles and the greatness. Manage those areas better and watch yourself blossom… That’s more self-love then admiring the outside of you!

Happiness… Smh my soul is shining and I want yours to also. πŸ’‘ this little of mine πŸ˜† I’m gonna let it shine!

Sometimes in life you have to let go of everything in order to gain the best of the simplest things. This is a very hard thing to do, it’s painful and sometimes we just don’t want to let go because some things mean so much to us. Some people (even when they’re not good for us) mean even more to is. But pain is the first step to happiness, you have to endure in order to enjoy. Happiness can seem like the hardest thing to accomplish in life. But I can guarantee that it’s worth the struggle, the heartache, and the pain of letting go. Happiness isn’t about the gifts and material or money parts. It’s about understanding and accepting what’s best for you and “mind fully” managing others around you. And there will be times no matter how mindful you are sometimes it won’t happen and people won’t understand. And that’s okay accept it and move on life awaits you and happiness is there.
Happiness…. The best asset to life 🌞🌞

The only way out is to go through… Dealing with change is a challenge in itself. We feel like we are doing things for others instead self. It bothers me when we all say I understand, at some point you may understand. But your situation and another persons complication is different in every aspect. What works for you may not work for them. It’s advice to be considered and maybe even tried. Stay strong when things like this occur and don’t leave that person alone. It’s times like this that person needs someone to turn to. Change means getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Change means being uncomfortable and stepping outside the box. Change means learning and accepting that things will get better in due time. You’ll feel like you’re losing yourself and that’s perfectly OKAY! Don’t give up it’s just learning and accepting that what you were is no longer you anymore. You have to face the person you were in your past to understand the person you are now and embrace the person you are growing and CHANGING to become.
As many walls you tear down you feel like there’s more being built…. It’s you rebuilding a better you for you!
Happiness… Only change from the inside can make you feel brand new in both areas.. Put yourself under construction and enjoy the new you! 😘😍😘😍



Mother and Self Created Queen seeking to change the lives of people in the world. I want people to know that #SelfLove is thee most important love in the world. I have experienced many things in life and know first hand how it is and feels to be alone in a world surrounded by many people. I started the social Media Label #FindingMe to promote and encourage self love, growth, and encouragement through life struggles. I am currently writing a book and studying life coaching, counseling, and psychotherapy. I advocate for movements in life, our universe deserves to know that there are more people who appreciate the greatness in life than there are who do not appreciate it.

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