About Me, Mrs. Sincere Heart

I’m a spiritual based Goddess/Queen, I’m a mother of 3 and a wife to an amazing King. I began #FindingMe as my first book and it turned into helping others find love inside of themselves, the most important love of all. I enjoy Family, friends, cooking, and LOVE. I love writing, arts and crafts, singing, and dancing and let’s include cleaning. Nature has it’s way to calm me and lift me up all in one serving. What inspired me to nurture Finding Me was experiences we face in life. I knew that others out there like myself have suffered, survived, and conquered similar lessons in life. Some are able to get pass them while they are others who just aren’t strong enough to be victorious on their own… My mission is to be the sounding Love N’ Light for both sets of people… a helping hand to their spirit and growth in life for adults and children.

If I never do anything in life, I will know that I have transformed self love, well-being, and self-happiness into those lives I have crossed paths with.

A little about my background and where I came from:

I’m an Illinois/Mississippi native, so I do have a lot of southern qualities, you can chalk me up as an ol skool type of person. I work in the medical field, hold a certification of teacher’s assistant, and working as a spiritual life coach.

I go by my own saying for life:

“If you can not fix it then DO NOT stress about it, if you can fix it then GET UP and do something about it.”  -Mrs. Sincere Heart

And …

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”    -Bob Marley


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