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Restart With A Mindful Yew/You

With the Solar Eclipse happening on Monday, we all now have the chance to start fresh, begin again. A second chance at whatever it is that we were once wishing, praying for a do over on. The solar eclipse is and was a power button, the power button to life in all forms. Humans, animals, insects, reptiles, plants, and even water, let’s include the air because it bends, flows, and moves in ways that nothing and no one can.

In a long time, a very long 99 years the earth and those who live upon it have been in constant movement. Never truly giving ourselves a moment to just “be still” and look around. It’s so intriguing how when we don’t follow the rules of self nature has a way of making us move the way self was guiding us to begin with. Sunday in Midwest region it stormed, and it stormed bad. For some it was awful, for others like myself it was so damn refreshing. It was like the earth (or at least those of us in the path of the eclipse) were getting a release cleansing right along with the very planet we occupied.

You have to be clean in order to get dirty again. You have to empty in order to fill up otherwise you’re just overflowing (that isn’t always a bad thing but in this very instance we will say it is). In order to start again you must first of course, STOP….

Thank you Solar Eclipse…. Thank you Moon and Sun for coming together to bring humanity together. Thank you universe for being the leader in all that we aspire to be and do with you, our loved ones, and our time here.

We stopped to oooo and aahhhhh, we stopped to stare in amazement because it was something we have never witnessed before. We stopped to take pictures (it makes a statement that says, “Hey I was there when this happened). We stopped to bask in the rays of the sun that beamed from behind the moon itself. We stopped to see the ring and the diamond ring that appeared just as the moon/sun begin to shift it’s way back into rotation.

We started again, and some weren’t so sure that the moon and the sun continued on it’s journey so they continued to “be still”.

When the sun begin to shine bright as it normally does, the scenery changed. At least for me it did. I saw things not just with my eye sight but with my mind’s eye and within my spirit. Scarface’s song played in my subconscious “My Angel” I remembered the lyrics, the grass looked greener and the sun brighter”. Restarting my dreams the way they should have been in the first place. Restarting my confidence and belief in myself that not only can I make it in this world. But that “I will make it in this world!”

I paused for a moment because I had to realize that every wish, dream, and manifestation that I was creating at that very moment wasn’t just about me. It was about many others around me and those around me that I don’t even know exist.

Recently I published my website, I was beyond excited. I had viewers from Albequrque New Mexico and London, ON. That was an experience I never imagined happening, so I was in shock and self praising…. I DID IT Dammit! People on the other side of the world looked at me and what I represent. They looked at what I have and what I am giving to the people of this world and what I am giving to the universe. I thought about how whatever i say and do going forward has way much more weight and value to the ears, minds, souls, and spirits it is landing on. I thought about my choices affect other’s choices because now more than ever people around the world are watching me. I thought about how my reactions and responses have more energy behind them than they recently did within my small radius of boundaries. I thought about how accepting acknowledging, and being “Okay” with the consequences of my choices and decisions weigh on others.

If, no scratch that….Since I am a leader, the leader of #SelfLove and #SelfHappiness. The leader of #FindingMe. What better way to show my growth than y teaching what has been revealed to me.

  • When you don’t include yourself it’s difficult for you to include others into what you want to do and are choosing to do.
  • When you put others before you, you’re helping them erase your existence, your needs, and wants.


How sway right?

How can you be fulfilling to someone else if you have not fulfilled yourself first? If you constantly are putting others ahead of you then you will never know what it is that you need, want, like, love, etc.


  • Being Mindful of yew(that long living tree)/you keeps you in the know of what you need for yourself in order for you to help yourself so you can help others.

Root healing


When you are aware of what you need and want within self you are better able to cater to your needs and wants. That gives you the space to better assist and be a support to others.

  • Be aware that when you are doing and caring for yourself that you are also doing for others.

When we love and take care of ourselves we are also unknowingly taking care of others. When we’re happy our loved ones are happy when something goes wrong within our being something is troubled in our loved ones being. So whatever you put in is also pushed out and that alone either takes care of others or neglects others. it’s your option to either love yourself mindfully or be selfish with your self-love and self-happiness that you push out greatness or negativity.


  •  Accept that the choices you make don’t just affect you. They affect others also because how you choose to respond and react causes a response and reaction in and out of others.


When we choose, respond, act, and react without being mindful. We forget that what we unknowingly and knowingly choose to do causes a ripple effect in others. Primarily those around us. So be sure that the choice you decide to go with isn’t what you think to be about yourself.

How will you Restart With A Mindfuil Yew/You?


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Fool is As Fool Does

When you have some anger, hurt, pain, abandonment, and hatred tied to your father, how do you or would you expect for your children not to have those same affections towards you? When all you’ve expressed to them are those emotions. You’ve taught them to love you as you love your father, where and why should there be an exception?

These are the questions I asked myself the weekend leading into April Fools Day…

I asked myself these questions because I so desperately wanted to express those thoughts and feelings to my father, OUR father… Shaking My Damn Head….

This was the first time in history that all of my father’s known children graced his presence at once. You would imagine and think that this would be a glorious moment not just for him but his children as well. It turned out to be what my sister labeled a “shit show.” Showing favoritism, and abandonment in its truest form. I never expected my father would show his true colors in such a degrading way. I could go on and on about how not just I was hurt by him this weekend. But how all of us leading down to his grandchildren were also hurt by this weekend. Exactly how much good will that do? More than likely NONE, absolutely positively NONE. 

So let me allow this to dwindle into the learning and growing parts of this trip. My intentions were to make peace and in making peace that entailed me making peace in the way I wanted it to be not the way it was intended for me to find my own peace with not just my father, but my children’s father. That peace was necessary because my children needed to see and know that regardless to the bullshit, their parents could get along and have a good time for their sake, forget our sake. Well to say the least their father and I did have peace and I hit some of his buttons as the peace was being made. It was nice to be around him and us not argue and fight. To not be worried if he would knock the hell out of me, (or as I use to worry more about in my past with him,) our children seeing him abuse me and talk to me in demeaning ways and being so flippancy with his choice of words. I was happy that things went well in that relationship, I enjoyed seeing my children smile from that. Having a feeling of security within their parents and our behavior/respect towards each other. One of the greatest foundations to bestart building.

Now my father I cannot say the same about him. There were things that were said and things that were done that I may never ever be able to help my children heal from. I’m okay with them healing on their own at their own pace as long as they heal. The moral of this aspect is I realized as the comments and statements were made that my father still held hatred and hurt. There was still pain, and disappointment in his heart for his father, just like us. His very own three children had in their hearts for him. He was angry with him for all the wrong things his father did. Unable to appreciate the small moments his father was there for him. I realized that as much as my father pretended to forget things and act as though he had grown past those things, he truly had not. He missed his mother but was too hurt to acknowledge that he wished he knew more about her and had a better bond with her. I kind of got the feeling that he wished his mother was around to save him from the things he “says” his father did to him. What’s so obvious about all of this is knowing that my grandfather spoke of his father mistreating and abusing him. With the wisdom of our elders, you would think he would say and do the opposite to his own children. His own 11-18 children. It’s intriguing yet sad how the things we say and do, our behaviors seem to trickle down genetically. We begin to wonder where the act of foolishness comes from but we never turn in. We never turn in to look to self and accept that it is within our being, and our DNA. The blow that hit me the most is my father could not comprehend that he too was doing the same things his father had done to him and his grandfather had done to his father. Genetically we all were each other, we all were one ….

I was blocking accepting that I would become this very same person inside of myself. Holding back tears, pain, and so much more.

Fighting the moments of me wanting to just lash out with anger, I held it all inside of me to not become that person inside of me.

My father is not the healthiest man in the world nor is he the sickest man in the world. I’m just willing to take in that one day he will not be here. I do not want my last days living as an adult like himself, to be spent the way he is spending his. Looking at a picture of his father (that he claims he does not want in his house) and still having no love for the man who helped give him life. I do not want to be living in the turmoil of hurt.  Wishing I had a better bond with my parents on any level, when they are right here right now. I may not be able to get the relationship and bond that I want, but I am able to get something from them. What I am able to get, give, and receive is time, forgiveness, moments (no matter how big or small) of happiness, and just actually “knowing” my parents for who they are and what they represented. Their gift to their loved ones, life, and the world we live in.

I walked away with some bumps and bruises, and I’ll take those any day over scars and wounds that need more than just time to heal. 

I wanted to add “Maya Angelou’s Poem:  Mourning Grace” just to shed some light on the things we blame others for, they are  truly a part of us. If it weren’t a part of who we are then how are we able to identify it in others? How can we ask something of our children we are not willing to give our parents? Reflection is such an important niche to have. To me it is one of the key things that can help us pick up on what we need to address within self before we think about turning a finger on someone else.

Mourning Grace                                 By: Maya Angelou

If today I follow death, 

go down it’s trackless wastes, 

salt my tongue on hardened tears 

for my precious dear time’s waste 


along that promised cave in a headlong



Will you 




to mourn for


“Love with grace while they are alive and you can love them with peace when they are gone.”


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Difficult Self(Root)-Healing?

Our memories,

Our memories are tied to our feelings at the time of the event. If we were in a place that made us feel afraid then whatever happened at that place is tied to fear. If we were happy during the moment then we relate the memory to happiness. If we experienced a traumatizing moment then our memories are tied to specific things that we focused on in that time of being traumatized.


  1. Pull up those roots
  2. detox; cleanse your wound
  3. Nurture; tend to your wounds and spirit.
  4. Set up boundaries

Bonus: Find your growth from the pain. Do not allow it to be the reason you don’t live your life with inner peace, self happiness, and self love. 

We are going to get more than just mental, spiritual, and emotional, let’s include some physical work with this. Think of yourself as a plant, flower, or something that grows with tender love and care. What does your spirit resonate with well? What speaks to you and syncs with your being?

Find your roots of pain and imagine yourself ripping them out of yourself! Don’t be afraid of the pain you’re already experiencing it. You’ve been experiencing it, and you’ve been holding onto it for how long!? It isn’t an easy task to identify the pain within us at times, because it isn’t like we always know the pain exists. When you find it no matter what the case may be rip those roots of hurt, anger, and pan out of you. Create the space for the wound to do what it will naturally do best. HEAL

Detox, cleanse, purge I mean literally let go of the things that plague your mind, body, soul, and spirit. At some point you have a choice to accept that your pain will only stay there because of you not letting go of it. Darkness can only be present when your light refuses to shine. When you refuse to shine. Do not put anything or anyone in this space that you have opened up. You need to allow yourself to be clear and cleansed of your dis-ease.

Nurture your wound(s) give yourself some me time. Love yourself the best way you are able to love yourself and the way you wish others would have loved you. The way you trusted, expected, and depended on them to love you. If you wished your parents loved you more love yourself in those ways. If you wish your siblings would have done more sibling bonding type of things. Then bond with yourself int hose ways and fashions. There are times when we begin our healing process that we aren’t capable of putting out that type of love for ourselves to ourselves. This is okay it comes with time, patients, and compassion. There are people out there that want to love us in the ways we want, need, and deserve to be loved. The way we wanted those other people to love us. These are the people we call our second moms and dads, our best friends that become like a sister/brother to us. These people will love you unconditionally, you just have to allow them to and you also have to allow yourself to love yourself unconditionally as well. do not abuse these people’s types of love either. It isn’t always easy to love others during a healing process. there are ups, downs, turn arounds, and so much more. Just be willing wot work on the relationship with each other and give each other the space and time needed to help your relationship grow.

Setting up boundaries are largely confused with having walls within us that keep people from ever entering into our realms. Walls are just that different, you have to tear them down, access windows, doors, and maybe even keys in order to get into the lives of those people who have these walls in their beings. Boundaries are different, they give the space necessary to see, respond, react, and more importantly trust yourself with allowing people to come closer. Imagine standing inside of a circle however big or small is completely up to you. However big or small determines a lot of what you will and will not tolerate. Once you have established these boundaries if it makes matters better write them down and hang them up in a place where you are reminded of your own boundaries and others see them to. It builds respect for self and others as well as them building more respect for you.

Grow through it and Grow OUT OF IT!!!! You are not your experiences and you are not your pain, it does not define you. That is not who you are meant to be, it was only meant for you to learn and grow from. 

Back to the item of growth be it plant, flower, food, or another thing that grows with your help. I want you to remember these things:

  • Some plants/flowers require more work to help them stay alive than others do. Some do not require much work at all. Once you resonate and sync yourself with this plant/flower/thing I want you to journal how it feels to cater to something so needy, tedious, or independent. Which one are you?
  • If you do not care for your plant/flower/thing you have allowed it to die. you have allowed your healing process to die as well.
  • congratulate yourself and be happy that you have at least began the process of healing. It isn’t an easy thing, it feels good, and the most important thing I want you to take from this is It takes time to get to the other side that you really want to be at. The finish line is there just focus on your progress of staying in the race.

I’m happy that you found a new place to plant the seeds of love and light inside of the dark spots of your mind, body, spirit, and soul.

You Can Heal

Live Tonight @ 8:08 p.m.


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Now Is NOT the Time To LET GO!!!!

GRAND Shining!
So the saying is sharing is caring! BUT that means you care about others, so when you share do you care about yourself also? Me I say if you sometimes be selfish you learn how to say no to those who need to hear it! How else will you learn to care for self? You only have 1 heart and 1 soul why ruin it for someone who doesn’t care for them self?
Love you and it’ll be easier to help others. I love your shining spirits, you’re worth more than you value yourself to be 

I found this post as a memory not to long ago. It tapped on the things I was feeling, and the things I had grown from. What seem to have gotten to me the most was “sharing is caring.” For all those that know me and are growing to know me, they know I am always sharing and caring. It boggled my mind when I realized that others share for attention or for their own personal gain. I don’t think that is necessarily bad. To a degree it is because there are times in life where we all need that acknowledge. We all want and crave the credit/acknowledgement of our hard work and efforts.


Yup I was apart of this recently and I had to come to terms that not everyone will give you that credit because some, some do want it for themselves just like I do. By all means they will get it, even if that means removing the person they got it from. I expressed my moments of anguish and pain, of being used and abused. I expressed my moment of letting go and wanting to give up my creations. Find another avenue…. One just for me. How fast I realized that there is no need to go searching for something new. I had to face myself and accept that me, my light. It shines bright and if I’ve done nothing but push someone to shine like me, then I have opened up a gateway within them they never knew existed. I opened up the light of ambition that lies inside of them.  I recently learned (from being a life coach) that,

“If the student’s goal is to master the teacher, then do not work with them.”

~Lisa Nichols

It took a moment for it to sink in and for me to truly grasp the meaning behind the message. What I learned from that is the student isn’t searching to become them, they are searching and learning to become YOU!!!!! Another thing that came across my path was giving 100% your all. Now long before and if I do recollect myself correctly I stated that I too use to feel as though the best way to love is by giving your all. With the message above and the experience behind it, I will say it again: Do not give all of yourself out. Now you may let your cup run over with love but never and I do mean never empty yourself/your cup out to any individual and or the world. You can and will be remembered and yes you can be duplicated. Only YOU can and will remain the true version of YOU. But if all of you is out and about in the world and with other individual people then what’s left of you to be true? 

I’ll leave you with this to manifest on:

No matter what trouble or person comes flying your way, you have to remind yourself that your crown/your light/your energy can and will be something other people work to take from you. You will be to much for some people. Sometimes you can outdo yourself (which by the way amazes me when I do outdo myself). No matter what type of people you allow life to push your way. I want you to remember to NEVER LET GO OF BEING YOU. Just because someone wants to be you, shine like you, look like you, act like you, speak like you and so much more LIKE YOU. NONE of that means you should let go of yourself, your ideas, your creations, and yes your ability to share and give unselfishly. Do not dim your light, or still the waters that flow inside of you.

Be you and be the greatest you can be at being you because only YOU ARE YOU and only YOU CAN BE YOU. No matter how hard they try or the sacrifices they make. Cut the ties, pull up the roots that you have allowed them to grow from within you.

Give yourself the permission and the freedom to be you in ways you were never you before.

Don’t Let Go Of You 

For those of you out here stealing others love, light, energy, creations, and the works of others…. Stop being afraid of who you are and shine your own light.

Think of it in this manner:

If you are capable of mocking others then how capable are you of mocking you?

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Re-Ignite Your Light/Fire



verb [ik-spos-chuh-leyt]
1. to reason earnestly with someone against something that person intends to do or has done; remonstrate: His father expostulated with him about the evils of gambling.


How do you get your glow back?


1. Do things YOU LIKE to help you get rid of the negativity and the blues.
2. Do something that relaxes you.
3. Pay attention to yourself and your surroundings, including other people.
4. Lift your spirit (get into your beliefs, like religion or spirituality. this helps get and keep your flame burning/shining.

Do things that help get rid of the blues, pain, hurt, sorrow, suffering, and negative. Doing things to help us release gives us the space we need inside of self to receive and create room for growth and blessings.

Do something that relaxes you after you have rid yourself of the negativity that was plaguing you. When we go on cleaning sprees we don’t realize how exhausting it is until we sit down and take a breather. So with knowing that you are cleansing yourself pencil in some time for some relaxation because let’s face it working with negative energy is more than just exhausting. It is draining.

Pay attention to yourself in the process of elevating/vibrating back to your peaceful, loving, happy place. Don’t forget your surroundings, this includes self, others, and your environment. See when we have bad moments or we are truly down in the dumps there will be certain people around us. When we feeling good and we are vibrating on a higher note this will also make certain people gravitate to us. Given the many environments in this world/ universe you never know which place/thing, or who you are consuming. Or who is consuming you. You have to be tentative to knowing who and what is going on. It gives you the upper hand on how to handle self most importantly and who to invite and not invite  into your realm. Remind yourself that it is more than okay to be happy with your light/fire… Let it burn light, warm, and bright.


Dig deep, or step back into your spiritual faiths, beliefs. Read a scripture, say a prayer, recite an ayat or learn a surah. Light a candle, burn some shit if you have to just don’t burn people or places. It’s one thing to scratch the outside of a box of matches to get the fire started, but what about keeping it burning? You are responsible for knowing how to keep the flames burning, for keeping your light shining bright once it is actually lit. For me I love my zodiac candle, when it dances I can tell my spirit is dancing and happy, when it’s dim I can tell that I’m not as bubbly as I naturally am.


Remember how you felt when you began to plummet. Who was around what was your environment and so forth. Grow from there.

Now that you have come to a more conscious state of mind and you’re able to comprehend yourself in a better diaphragm. Go back recollect how you felt, where you were, and who was around before the plummet. Being able to capture these things, moments, and people will help to learn where you went wrong and let you know what areas you need to grow in.


It’s Litty

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Fill Me Up Like The Moon

Dear Me, We, You…..

I was reading last night as I have been doing for the past week right before bed. I ran across this intriguing sentence that seemed to have turned on a light inside of my mind. Not that the light wasn’t on before, this was just a different light. A light of perspective and intuition. See this week I started reading before bed to help me unwind, remember I just admitted to not being able to sleep or shut off my brain. Well another reason I begin reading is because I have been having a horrendously major migraine that I just cannot seem to shake. It comes, it goes, its strong, its delicate, and it has held it’s persistency since the beginning. Usually a good nap, some great food, hot shower, something is able to relieve me of my pain and the annoyance of the pain. To my avail nothing and I do mean nothing was sufficient enough to aid me or comfort and console the plaguing migraine. Reading has become a distraction to help me at least fall asleep and calm my mind. Nonetheless that isn’t the aim of this bedtime journal entry.

Back to the thing, the thing that turned on the light in my head….

The sentence….“The last kernel in the bottom of the can.” I had begun to feel like the last kernel in the popcorn can. The light inside of my mind, helped me to realize that I have more than just a tendency to empty myself out prior to every Full Moon. I empty myself out and prepare to be filled back up to the maximum amount I am capable of filling myself up to. It has almost become a part of my 28 day cycle. A form of detoxing and or purging. A way to burn out and recharge. On a daily basis I Am giving and receiving, nurturing and watering, strengthening myself as I grow. I Am pouring myself out to be of service to self and others, so that I may be filled up again to continue my purpose.

If I never allow myself to truly empty out all of the things that actually do have the power to plague my spirit. Then I Am never really growing into what was written for me to be. With every plant that lives and every breath that breathes we must first utilize and consume the nutrients given and provided to us before we need, want, and receive more.

With all that is in this world and the people of this world need to grow from and let go of I will the power of the Super Strawberry Full Moon to supply the strength necessary within ones self/itself. To dive deep inside of self and pull up the weeds that are destroying and killing the gardens of #SelfLove & #SelfHappiness

Fill me up like the moon, Fill me up like the moon, Fill me up like the moon;

Let my heart be happy soon, Let my heart be happy soon, Let my heart be happy soon

Pour out to be filled, Pour out to be filled Pour out to be filled. 

Let the soul cry so the spirit can heal, Let the soul cry so the spirit can heal, Let the soul cry so the spirit can heal. 

3 times 3 times 3 times 3 

I will it so, so will it BE 

Place the power of Love In Light Inside of Thee

I Did It..

I filled up like the moon

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So earlier this week I was challenged to do a video about manifestation.
What is manifestation, how does manifestation work, how do I know if I am doing it right?
So many questions ran through my mind about reaching my perspective audience and viewers. I wanted so badly to make sure I answered foreseen questions so people would at least give it a shot. Test your manifestation skills. I procrastinated a lot because normally I do NOT write out what I will say I like to let my intuition and wisdom guide me in the right direction. So finally after a few days of whirlwinds in life that we all have, and finally choosing to set a tone and date and time. I laid back in my car during my lunch break and did a rough draft video, something I could listen to go back change and work from there. I was combating with a migraine that started brewing at the beginning of this week and it finally hit me hard enough to make me STOP, to make everything stop and for me to just rest and recharge. Planning to get this video done was at a stand still and it gave me a sigh of relief because for a moment I started to feel unsure of myself. Last night was round two of relaxing and getting my being back together, as soon as I snuggled into my comfort zone I quickly remembered that my deadline for the Manifestation video was the 8th! It’s something about the infinite sign that pushes me in ways I don’t want to be pushed. Still feeling a mess among looking a mess I gathered myself and did another 3 video before actually going with my final one. now the kicker to this story is I order a notebook and pen with my logo on it last week and was overtly anxious to receive it. I just had to feel it and see it in person, hold it in my hand. Well I received it and held it in my hand, looked at it with my own two eyes and was happy with what I designed. I didn’t know what this notebook would be used for but I knew it was meant to be a part of #FindingMe. I promised Dr. Sonia that I would write it out and push the necessary and needed energy behind it. My husband told me to wait and do it today, on Friday, Full Moon day. He felt that me being underneath my spirit would transfer into the video and it wouldn’t come out as best as I would like it to. Stubborn me pushing forward I tightened myself up and grabbed that brand new #FindingMe notebook and pen and to work I went. Writing and creating, Manifesting what this video became.
As I read the words on the page and felt the energy behind what I wrote I begin to brew and cook up more than just some manifestation. I begin speaking things and seeing things. I begin calling others to not just dream and wish for their futures because dreaming and wishing is the best way to describe what manifesting is to someone new. I coached others into actually “seeing” their future. Not with their human, body’s eyes, but with their minds eye…..
Manifesting is like prayer:
  • you dream 
  • You’re inspired
  • You ask
  • You receive 

Here are my 4 steps to manifesting

  1.  Know what you want and the type of person you want. 
  2. Make/create the room for it/them to come to you. 
  3. Believe once you have asked. 
  4. DO NOT, I repeat do not feel negative, speak negative, speak against what you have put into manifestation. DO NOT doubt it. 

Bonus: Have the confidence and respect of self in knowing it’s yours, that it belongs to you and you are worthy and more than capable. Otherwise everything you have created will either vanish into thin air as if it were never there to begin with. Or it takes a detour and makes it longer to come to you. 

Then you are left to start over literally 

I never wrote that down.
See with your minds eye (3rd eye) what your future beholds.
You are manifestation
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Energy & Intuition

Choices how do you know you’re making the right one for the long haul? Using you’re heart is not always wise. It’s meant 4 emotions not decisions. However your brain feeds off the emotions from your heart???!!!!
This was a post I made about 6 years ago….
I was so confused with myself and life once again. I didn’t know whether to listen to my head, my heart, other people, the books that I had read or what. With time I realized that it isn’t about who we talk to and learn from. It isn’t about what we do. But what it is about is learning to trust you. Learning to trust your instincts. Learning to lean on yourself. Yes I know the bible says lean not on your own understanding. But it also says to look “WITHIN” and that’s a contradicting lesson to teach anyone.
  • So who are you learning from & leaning on?
  • Who are you trusting and listening to when you are instructed to lean not on your own understanding but look within?
Self. You are learning, leaning, listening to, and trusting the God/Goddess within yourself. because WE all are created in his image.
Since we are made within his image:
  • How much of a trouble is it to seek “I AM” inside of self?
  • How much of a trouble is it to lean on self.
  • How much of a struggle is it to trust in self?
  • How hard is it to learn from self?
  • How hard is it to listen to yourself?
  • How hard is it to Love Yourself?
For women it is our intuition we must follow. It is in the darkness that our light shines so bright to guide us through life.
For men it is their energy they must follow. It is through the vibration of energy that a man moves through life.
It is the unity of the estrogen and testosterone in the human being DNA that makes life smooth for ones self. It is a man & woman’s synchronicity & harmony of their spirits that life becomes balanced. It is following your heart for the right thing to do but using your mind for the wise thing to do.
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“You gone keep fucking around and make me kill somebody.”

Those were the words that I needed to hear in order to choose a better life, in order to save lives. Lives like mine, my children, and whoever else that could or would possibly get caught in the line of fire. That night I slept with my guardian angel statue by my bedside. She was a gift from my baby sister, a form of spiritual protection and physical protection. One of her wings was broken, she was heavy and could be what I needed for survival if necessary, she was my choice of a weapon. I found it hard to sleep and could only wait for the time he left to go to work. That was the time I napped and planned my escape. I was a stay at home mother because I had lost my job by failing a drug test. I dropped dirty with marijuana in my system because I was told and forced to smoke with him even when I didn’t want to. It was the way we got along and the way we spent our time together after work, before work, and in general, it was the only love language we spoke with each other. I referred to it as , “our common ground.”

I viewed myself as eye catching because I Am beautiful on the outside. The trouble was I had deep rooted, ugly scars and wounds on the inside. They showed; not to all but to those who know what pain and lack of #SelfLove looks like. I wasn’t a mean or negative person unless I had to be and I chose to be. More than not I chose to be ugly by acting ugly, looking for love in all the wrong places with all the wrong faces and cases. As I’m writing I slightly chuckle because these are the times in our lives when we “think” we love ourselves. No one can tell us otherwise, and we are PRIDEFUL of who we are, what we do, how we act and it shows. It shows that being ugly to the bone has the potential to be real in our lifetime. Back then I was the type of person that pointed the finger at him, *yeah, my ex-husband*. He was the blame for me acting ugly. He was the blame for me not wanting to do right and choosing to do wrong when I wanted to do right. I could admit that I wasn’t the stand-up woman and that I did things out of spite, however my reasoning for doing things out of spite was because he did it…. He did it first, and he did it to me first, I didn’t purposely hurt him and choose to do wrong unless he did it to me. I purposely chose to do wrong when I got tired of begging and pleading to him that what he was doing hurt us, hurt me and it was hurt in general.

I had a conversation with him and things I could never understand the answers to, gave me reasons for my whys and how comes…I saw that even with all that he did to me and all that I allowed him to do to me was only pushing me to LOVE me. It was pushing me to be more than just in tune with self, it pushed me to be me. It pushed me to fight for myself because no one else would and even when they did, I stopped them. I stopped them from protecting me, loving me, and showing me, that not everyone in this world was out to hurt Shantay. It just felt that way because that was the only way I knew how to feel, it was the only way I had ever felt … people, the ones I loved the most hurt me, I hurt me. After running from self and the pain that others did inflict on me, the pain I allowed to happen over and over continuously to me. I gathered myself and I started taking ownership for the things I was doing wrong to myself. For a while I didn’t care that others hurt me because what was more important to me is Shantay. What is Shantay doing to allow this, to influence and encourage the things that were happening to Shantay? I didn’t find many answers as to what I was doing but I found many reasons to not do what I was currently doing and what I had done before.

I found “Beautiful” reasons to love me the way I wanted others to love me when I didn’t love me. 

I found “Beautiful” reasons to know I Am just as beautiful inside as I was outside. 

I found “Beautiful” reasons to take a different approach on myself with myself for myself, 

I Found “Beauty Inside of Me….

Beautiful in many ugly ways. Beautiful through my hurt, through my pain. Beautiful within my anger, within my storm. Beautiful By Just Being Me, Loving Me. 

I share this with you to give you the mindset of facing what you inflict onto and into yourself. To help you see that it isn’t always someone else you need to blame or someone else that you should blame. Sometimes and most times it is YOU, ourselves, it is WE, us who makes the choice to allow that misery loves company inside our souls. Once you pick apart that demon, the demon you think is in someone else you will see that it is you.

It is you that opens your own gates to hell, unlock the cuffs and release yourself from your own pain. Walk ahead of your strength and allow it to follow it in your shadows, remember leaders can lead without standing on the front lines…


I Found My Beauty, I Found ME

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Which One Are YOU?

I woke up this morning with a lot of thoughts about my dreams that were racing through my mind. One thought after another, they all begin to come and fade away. But something stuck, something resonated, I had to share it. I ignored it for a moment because just like most humans we doubt that what we say and do in this lifetime and in this world will have an affect/effect. So we choose to keep it to ourselves and remain silent. But this, it beckoned my soul to be released and set free.

See not to long ago we and by we I mean the #FindingMe Group were discussing how what we don’t like in others is something that resonates within self. It resonates within self if we look deep enough to see that game recognize game instead pointing the finger at the betrayer when the betrayer is self. Well out of me feeling less than effective I chose to start my day and as I begin to drive my children to their destinations being school I paused mentally for a moment and I asked them to do a challenge for me, for them, for us.

Just for the day, TODAY, 

I want you to perform a 3 step challenge today just to see how what we do attracts others of like minds. How we mirror each other, how we invite things and people along problems, situations and circumstances into our beings, our worlds, our lives, and our spirits.

Are you ready?
Step 1:
Act ratchet and obnoxious, see who and what comes your way and see who and what leaves your presence.
Step 2:
Act classy with poise, grace, mannerism, and etiquette. See who and what comes your way and who and what leaves your presence.
Step 3:
Which one do you prefer to be around, and behave like,which one is the way you prefer to be viewed. More importantly which one are you?

Once I get home and dinner is served, you know when we sit at the table as a family, no electronics, no television just people, family, food, and real conversation. We will discuss what happened and how it happened, what or how did they feel noticing that their actions contribute to their learning and trials of life. So many times I see and hear adults, grown adults complaining about what isn’t right and what is wrong. Pointing their finger at the other person, wondering, “where they went wrong?” For someone THEY loved and trusted to do them so bad. Not for one second thinking what happened on their end how did they contribute to the driving forces that push against their greater good.

All these things left to question without an answer because those are the answers we do not seek from self, only from someone else. 

What usually tends to happen is we behave and act certain ways and then when people come to us that act those very same ways, we look at them in disgrace and wonder what in the world made such a person come our way? WE did because that’s what and who we are and what/ who we are attracting into our lives. So when you get around people who don’t seem to fit the puzzle of life, YOUR LIFE, don’t freight, just re-address yourself and the atmosphere. Have you welcomed them or did they come to teach you a lesson of letting go, one of growth, one of self-change, one of acknowledgement, one of reflection? whatever it may be if you expect or want things and people around you to change and grow, then YOU TOO MUST CHANGE AND GROW.

Now don’t forget with change and growth that means you shed new skin and you travel onto different places and sometimes those people you want to change and grow with you may not be ready, they may not be willing, and they may not know exactly how to implement that into their lives.

Just don’t let their abilities of being stagnant settle inside of you, “Remember” WHO & WHAT YOU ARE, WHO & WHAT YOU WANT TO BE, WHO & WHAT YOU ARE DESTINED TO BE…. 

Which One of These Types Of People Are You?

I AM…..